Did you spot these hidden meanings in our logo?

The big reveal: check out the DockHounds soon-to-be iconic logo, and meet mascot Louie! He’s a real slugger, if you know what we mean. 

Louie couldn’t be any more Lake Country. He hid some little nods to his home in his look:

  • Louie proudly wears #5, to represent the 5 O’s in the name of his hometown, Oconomowoc.
  • He enjoys the laidback lifestyle of Lake Country…chillin’ on the dock and casting a line from time to time.
  • He’s got style, from his cool shades to the bucket hat and bobber on his collar.
  • Even “Louie” is a callout to the game. (Louisville Slugger!)

Louie and his home team look forward to bringing you a wildly refreshing “Off the Leash” baseball experience.

Watch the logo creation in action:


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