Lake Louie Brewing Company

Water is life, Beer is livin'!

If you’re like us at WBC Park, we know you want to sip an ice-cold beer and enjoy some baseball. So, we invited Lake Louie Brewing to have the first in-park brewery at WBC park. Lake Louie isn’t just beer. It’s an open invitation to make a good day a great day. With specialized beers exclusively at WBC Park, it’s a guaranteed grand slam for your tastebuds. 

It’s time to roll out the barrel from Lake Louie; and have a barrel of fun with an ice-cold beer and DockHounds Baseball! 

Sponsor of the Dash Cans!

The 6th Inning Racing Beer Cans feature 3 of Lake Louie’s Signature Beers: Walk Off, Badger Club, and Kiss the Lips. 

In-Stadium Brewery

Wisconsin Brewing Company Park is home to one of the first in-stadium breweries. The Lake Louie Brewery at the Dockhaus remains one of the few operating in-stadium breweries in the country. 

WBC Park Specialty Beers

Christmas in July Weekend Specialty Beer:

Merry Czechmas

Available July 12th and 13th!

Flying Monkeys Featured Beer:

The Staple Special:

In Case You Missed It:

Exclusive Cans

These cans are offered on the third base side Diamond Cantina. Mamacita is a fruity sour that has a perfect balance of sweet and sour. Tart Lime Twist is a delicious fruity gose. These exclusive flavors are guaranteed to take your tastebuds on a vacation to the ballpark.