Front Office staff page header for the Lake Country DockHounds and WBC Park



Trish Rasberry


A Swiss Army knife can be described as a multi-functional tool that provides help and assistance in a variety of ways. Trish is nothing short of a Swiss Army knife when it comes to sports and the DockHounds.

Trish has worked locally for the Milwaukee Bucks, Milwaukee Milkmen, Milwaukee Wave, and the Wisconsin Athletic Club before becoming the DockHounds General Manager. She is currently one of only two female GMs in the league.

Because of her time commitment to the DockHounds, Trish is often seen walking out to the retention pond located behind the leftfield wall at Wisconsin Brewing Company Park; dreaming about it being one of the great lakes that make up the Lake Country area and thinking about people chanting her breakdancing name (ZAP) over and over.

Primary Responsibilities: Corporate Sponsorship, Baseball Operations




Bryan comes to us with an unrelenting love for baseball and a desire to tell everyone he can about it. Working with IndyCar Racing, the Milwaukee Torrent and numerous youth sports organizations has prepared him for his new position. Bryan’s time working with a marketing agency escalated his knowledge of marketing strategies, planning and execution.

Though his primary role with the club is to handle much of the outward messaging of the organization, Bryan also is responsible for connecting the club to the community. He can often be seen at community events, festivals, and gatherings throughout the Lake Country area. Bryan coordinates updating the website, social media, emails, and all things marketing for the DockHounds and WBC Park.  

When he is not thinking about new ways to get fans excited to come to the stadium, Bryan enjoys spending time with his family. Primarily he enjoys attempting to look youthful while helping his daughter practice her soccer, basketball and softball skills, though he fails most times.

Primary Responsibilities: Marketing, Social Media, Website Maintenance 




If you’re interested in group outings, baseball, and WBC Park then Justin is your go-to guy. As the Director of Sales and Activation for the DockHounds, Justin loves working with those that are enthusiastic about building a memorable experience for their party, anniversary celebration, work event, or other group gathering.  

Having played baseball since he was 10 years old, Justin traveled the world, playing tournaments in Australia and Puerto Rico. Though his playing career helped pay for a bag of seeds, his love of everything baseball makes his role with the DockHounds a perfect fit. 

Beyond baseball, as if that’s a thing, Justin enjoys the idea of becoming a member of Louie’s TailWaggers Club once his landlord approves him buying an English bulldog. He then will take it after DockHounds games to Lake Tichigan and the Fox River. Even though he played in two college World Series with the Wolfpack of Madison College, Justin’s biggest claim to fame is certainly winning his 2022 fantasy football league.  

Primary Responsibilities: Group Events and Activation, Sales Team Lead



When you own a black lab named Shadow, that is full of energy, you must match that energy level yourself, every day. Tristan is certainly up to that challenge and loves every moment of it. Being a dog person isn’t a job requirement for the DockHounds staff, but if it was, Tristan wouldn’t have any problem filling that.

Tristan initially was an intern during our inaugural season. His passion for seeing groups of families, friends and co-workers enjoy their time at WBC Park helped solidify his fulltime status with the DockHounds. As a Group Sales Account Manager, Tristan is here to help make sure your group event is fun, entertaining and runs smoothly.

For as much as he loves the water of Lake Country, Tristan’s claim to fame thus far in life is certainly bowling not one, but two 300 games in his life. Ironic thing is they both happened when he was 21.

Primary Responsibilities: Season Ticket Holder Relationship Manager, Fan Club Memberships. Merchandise



When you are dedicated enough to something you love doing, it’s almost like you don’t work a day in your life. Josh has that kind of love for organizing groups to come to WBC Park and take in an evening of fun, building memories and celebrating whatever the event is that you are putting on. As a Group Sales Manager for the DockHounds, Josh loves getting to meet new people from all different areas of life. Schools, churches, dance teams, banks, corporate businesses, all have different backgrounds, and Josh is here to learn more about your group and how we can tailor a group experience at WBC Park to something special.


During the brief off time that we allow Josh to have, he enjoys spending time on Shawno Lake and its great fishing spots. If you happen to be in the area, stop by the Sand Bar Bar and you just may run into him enjoying a beverage. If you’re lucky enough, you may even get the chance to hear him recite the entire movie, Benchwarmers, after he has watched it over 1,000 times.


Everyone loves dogs when you work for the DockHounds, and Josh is no different. What’s more dog loving than wanting a Red Labrador and naming it Scooby Doo? Zoinks Scoobs, if you want to bring a group of friends to the ‘Hounds game this upcoming summer, contact Josh today and he’ll get you set up with a perfect evening.


Primary Responsibilities: Group Events and Activation, School & Non-Profit Events


With a rich baseball legacy, Lake Country has long rooted for a team to call its own. After all, our lifestyle here is everything summer fun — and as any local knows, summer just isn’t summer without baseball. So the community came together to bring the best ball to our backyard. And with our Lake Country style in the game, the energy is unmatched. 

Tom Kelenic

Tom & Lisa have long been a Lake Country powerhouse team working to give local youth and athletes the chance to learn, love and excel at the game for over 15 years starting with their first youth baseball and softball complex in Waukesha.  Baseball has been a life-long passion for Tom and believes in the talent that WI can showcase to the game. 

Lisa Kelenic

Lisa brings her extensive business experience in driving strategic growth & team performance along with her passion for baseball to create a memorable experience for fans. 

Baseball has been a constant theme in Lisa’s life. From her parents meeting at the ball diamond to meeting her husband as part of a softball team, many of her memorable life moments can be tied to baseball.  

Sonny Bando

Sonny’s lifelong passion for baseball began at a young age, deeply rooted in the rich tradition of the sport. His connection to the game was inspired by his legendary father Sal Bando, who was a retired 16-year MLB professional baseball player, and 8-year MLB General Manager. Sonny aimed to weave the fabric of baseball into the very heart of the community, leaving a legacy that would be celebrated not only for its athletic achievements but for the positive change it brought to the lives of those touched by the magic of the game.

Additional partners

The additional 25-30 partners, who share the Bando and Kelenic’s vision for Lake Country, is a significant step towards solidifying the connection between baseball & entertainment with the local community. These partners believe in the power of sports and entertainment to foster unity and positive opportunities to the lake country community.