Play. Ball.

There’s a lot to love at a DockHounds game. And a lot to do. From events to entertainment, from the parking lot to the bleachers, there’s something for the whole family. Oh, and there’s some pretty good baseball being played on the field as well.

Dog days

As if Lake Country summer days could get any better. But they do when you’re around the DockHounds.

Lake Country DockHounds logo
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Make a


Dive in and experience a tail-waggin good time at every DockHounds game.

Practice A Little Sports-Hound-ship

Howl at Cougars. Growl at Railcats. Bark at Milkmen. It’s all in good fun!

Meet the Howl Leaders

Louie “Slugger” Hound
DockHounds Mascot, Bestest Boy

Dave “The Skipper” Orgas
Director of Game Day Excitement

Bat Dog, Other Bestest Boy

Dive on into the fun with us!

If you get a little wet, just shake it off.