Louie B. Sluggin

Louie B Sluggin

“I fetch so well I had to take it pro. What is baseball but a big game of fetch?”

Louie proudly wears #5, to represent the 5 O’s in the name of his hometown, Oconomowoc. He enjoys the laidback lifestyle of Lake Country… chillin’ on the dock and casting a line from time to time. He’s got style, from his cool shades to the bucket hat and bobber on his collar — he couldn’t be any more Lake Country!

Louie and his home team look forward to bringing you a wildly refreshing “Off the Leash” baseball experience.

FAQ with Louie

Howdy, I’m Louie. My friends call me Slugger. And when it comes to having fun at a baseball game, I’m nothing short of a purebred. Lots of laughs. Plenty of excitement. And something for everyone in the stands. Dog days of summer? Around here, that’s a good thing. So whaddya say we meet up at a DockHounds game? I promise to fetch you a baseball experience like you’ve never had! Let’s raise the roof, roof!

Full name?
Louis B Sluggin.

Your skills?
Hangin on docks, chasin muskies, Poodleboarding, rally howls, fetchin balls, annoying opponents.

Exactly what is a DockHound?
A mutt who loves baseball, Lake Country and winning — in that order. Oh, and I’m also rather fond of Smores. Got any?

What’s your connection to the team?
I had a tryout. Couldn’t hit a curveball or make a throw but I could catch anything within 100 yards. And I always hustled on the basepaths. Not only did I make the squad, they decided to name the team after me. Naturally 🙂 !

What does “Baseball Off the Leash” mean?
Ever seen a water hound leap off a pier at full sprint? Well that’s kinda like DockHounds baseball. I mean, we’re just lettin the fun and the energy rip. It’s really something you gotta experience firsthand. 

What makes Lake Country special?
Well, duh… it’s DockHounds baseball. Sure, we got lakes and beaches and beautiful homes and lots to do. But it’s really about me… I mean DockHounds baseball! 

What can fans expect at a DockHounds game?
Lots of barking. Lots of noise. Lots of action. A scrappy, young team doing everything they can to win ballgames on the field. And a whole bag of treats for everyone in the stands. 

What do you do in the winter?
Winnebago runs to Florida. Chase squirrels. Lots of naps. Adam Sandler movies. 

Who let the dogs out?
It was totally me. I was bored and wanted to get a little something going.