Become a DockHounds Host Family

Host a DockHound Player

Give a player a home away from home, so he can relax and pursue his dream of making it to the major leagues!

We’re looking for caring households throughout the Lake Country area to open their doors to a DockHounds player.  

Young athletes travel from all over the world for a chance to play professional baseball, in hopes of someday making it to the big leagues. The Lake Country DockHounds Host Family Program plays a major role in creating a fun and exciting atmosphere for our players. 


Hosting a DockHound player is a very rewarding experience that builds a long-lasting relationship between your household and the player staying with you. Ideally, you end up playing a role in their pursuit of a career in professional baseball. Additionally, players can be excellent role models for young children and teenagers and are often great company for the summer.  Other perks include:

  • Full season ticket for each immediate family member living in your household
  • Discount on DockHounds Merchandise
  • On-field recognition at a DockHounds home game
  • Special party for Host Families Only
  • Special opportunity to take Batting Practice at the ballpark

What You Provide

A clean bedroom with a bed made for an athlete with access to a bathroom and laundry. We also ask that you live within about 20 minutes of the ballpark. Beyond that, it is up to you as a family.

Whether at home or on the road, the DockHounds get a pre-game snack and a full post-game meal. Host families are welcome to invite the player to be a part of their family meals for non-game days, TV time or other activities. In most cases, as your relationship with your player grows, you will find him to be “one of the family.” 

The time commitment would be from approximately May 1 through September 10 (this will vary pending the player’s schedule, length of stay with the team, playoffs, etc.)

Support From Our Staff

If a player requires transportation, we will try to place them near a player who has a car, so they can carpool to the stadium. Once the player arrives, we will address the expectations of them and their host families. If any issues arise, we will solve the problem, move the player, or send the player home.

These are all seasoned vets of baseball who have more than likely stayed with host families over the years. They all should have a high level of respect for the sacrifice you as a family are making for the summer.

Additional Questions? You're not alone.
Frequently Asked Questions

Players arrive shortly before season begins in May and stay through the end of season which is typically the beginning of September.  If the team makes it to the playoffs, they will stay longer.

Families are typically informed of the player(s) staying with them approximately 3-4 weeks before they arrive.

There is a team of people at the DockHounds dedicated to creating the best matches of families and players.  The Host Family Coordinators obtain information from players and from families to get the best fit possible for all involved.

Sorry, there is no tailgating allowed at Wisconsin Brewing Company Park for ball games.

Season tickets for host families are located behind the home team dugout along the first base line outfield area.  Host families are seated together so they may get to know one another better!

Host families receive season tickets for each immediate family member living in your household.

Yes, ADA seating is available in the section where host families sit.

We ask that players have their own bedroom, own bathroom if available, and access to laundry facilities and a refrigerator.  Each home set-up will vary.

Most players have their own car.  If they do not have a car, the other players, the clubhouse manager, and sometimes the host family (if they choose) help with transportation.

It varies based on the game schedule. They play 50 home games and 50 away games.  Players return home late when traveling.  It is up to them what they do on off days.

All players are out of college, ranging in age from approximately 22 to 35 years old.

How the players spend their days off is up to them! They only have approximately 15 days without games during the entire season.

That is up to the family and player to decide.

Yes, many players purchase their own food. The host family is not expected to pay for the player’s food, and it is up to the family to decide how they would like to handle that. Players receive many meals at the stadium and of course meals when on the road.

Yes, you may host multiple players if the accommodations are appropriate and the need is there.

The host family would handle that situation as they would with any other guest in their home.

Players will not smoke or drink in homes, and are expected to abide by family rules if applicable.

The player is responsible for taking care of their own health.

No, the league does not have these requirements.

Yes, you may vacation while a player is staying in your home, as long as you are comfortable with the situation.

There is no contract involved.

Once a player is assigned to a host family, they may contact each other to arrange accommodations and their move-in plan.

Once a player is informed that they are traded or released by the organization, the host family will be informed by the DockHounds staff (unless the player informs the family before).  Once a new player has signed with the team, the host family will be given that player to host unless otherwise agreed upon.

Yes, please contact us if you would like to speak to previous host families.

Be a host!

If you and your family are interested in being a host, please fill out the form here or contact: