The Lake Country Dash Cans

Brewer games aren’t the only place you can see running foods and drinks. At Wisconsin Brewing Company Park the Dashing Cans are ready to sprint the distance. Cheer on your favorite can as Kiss the Lips, Badger Club and Walk-off compete in the sixth inning.  

Meet Your Dash Cans!

Walk-Off- 3 Wins

Here from the beginning, Walk-Off isn’t afraid of anyone. The oldest can in the race is always prepared to teach the young guns a thing or two.

Badger Club- 5 wins

Here for the ride and there for a good time, Badger is happy to be here. Badger isn’t worried about the wins or the losses, just grateful to compete.

Kiss The Lips- 4 Wins

Here to win, the rookie in the race has some spunk. The energetic cocky can is ready to take victory. “Ain’t no can faster than me, kiss the dust!” he says.