Road To The MLB For Sterling Sharp

The road to the mlb with Sterling Sharp

“The grind of baseball is grueling,” former MLB pitcher Sterling Sharp said. From the day-to-day uncertainty to the inability to call one place home, Sharp knows his time isn’t over. 

Born and raised near Detroit, Mich., Sharp recognized his baseball gift at an early age. 

“When I started playing T ball, I was humbly one of the best kids out there,” Sharp said. “I think the love for the game started when you started pitching yourself. That was when I could start seeing that I might be pretty good at baseball.”

Ironically, Sharp initially shied away from pitching for fear of hurting someone.

Sterling Sharp“My mom laughed because I was terrified to pitch because I didn’t want to hit anybody,” Sharp said. “That was the one position I really didn’t want to play.” 

However, the intimidation couldn’t keep him from his destiny – pitching for a major league team. Sharp was drafted out of high school to the Atlanta Braves in the 2013 MLB draft. However, he opted for college instead. 

“I just didn’t think I would be ready,” Sharp said. “I didn’t really know the life and seasonal lifestyle. I had to be the best version of myself. So, talking it over with my family and everybody, I thought going to school would be best for me.”

Although baseball was his primary focus, Sharp’s athleticism also transferred into basketball. His dual-threat ability nearly earned him an offer to play both sports for a Big Ten School. 

“Basketball was my first thought of going to play at a higher level,” Sharp said. “I had an opportunity to play at Michigan State in college for basketball. It was the tandem of I was going to play basketball if I got a baseball scholarship, but unfortunately, the baseball scholarship never came and I just decided I was going to stick to baseball.”

After continuing his pursuit of professional baseball, Sharp went on to honor a commitment to Eastern Michigan University. He later transferred to Drury University before being redrafted in the 2016 MLB Draft by the Washington Nationals. Sharp’s journey continued as he bounced around minor league rosters for years. 

“You don’t consider anything to be home because you may only be there for a week,” Sharp said. “I’ve been in a new state, new city every year since freshman year of college – so the lifestyle of Minor League Baseball didn’t affect me.”

In 2019, another new team offered Sharp a shot – this one wanted him in the majors. The Miami Marlins selected the right-hander in the Rule 5 draft. In 2020, Sharp’s dream came true when the Marlins called for Sharp to pitch against the Baltimore Orioles.

“I think the moment the phone rang, my heart kind of stopped,” Sharp said. “There weren’t any fans that COVID year but it’s still your big league debut. You’re at the pinnacle of the league, the pinnacle of where you want to be. It was a pretty cool moment.”

While his stint in the majors was short, Sharp is determined to prove he still belongs. 

“I just want to keep playing and prove I can get back to the big leagues,” Sharp said. “The DockHounds sounded like the best organization for me to take the next step in competitive baseball.”

However Sharp recognizes his journey hasn’t been a solo mission. His wife, Chloe, has been vital to his success. After meeting in high school, her support has been Sharp’s foundation. 

“She’s been through everything with me,” Sharp said. “She’s seen every up and down in my baseball career. Just having that person to call after a long or tough day, you just feel safe and comfortable. She has been a huge, huge help throughout my career.”

With Chloe by his side, Sharp looks forward to showcasing his talents for the DockHounds and pursuing more baseball success. 


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