Manager Jim Bennett

Manager Jim Bennett

The best is back! Jim only spent one year managing for the American Association, and he left with the “Manager of the Year” title for taking his previous team to their first postseason stint in years. Now, he’s back to take the Championship all the way home. 

Jim is the pitching coach for the Australian National Baseball Team, and has been coaching successfully since 1992. He has been pitching/bench coach since 2015 for the Brisbane Bandits, who have won the last 4 Australian Baseball League Championships in a row, alongside fellow DockHounds coach David Nilsson. 

“We definitely know what a winning team feels like, and how to find the guys to be a part of that,” Bennett said. “A lot of times players can feel like just a number at this level, but to me it’s all about the individuals. I’m there to help them be their best.”

He plans to take a personal approach in the community, too.

“People are really going to like our presence and the energy we bring, both on and off the field,” Bennett said. “You’re going to see an exciting brand of baseball here in Oconomowoc. These guys are going to bring it day in and day out to win! It will be an experience you will want to be a part of.”

He spends his time off the field with his family, sharing his love of the game with his wife of 33 years, 2 kids and 3 grandkids. 

With previous tenure managing the opposing RedHawks and a son on the lineup for the Chicago Dogs, Bennett’s sure to add some fire to the team’s friendly rivalries, too!