Pitching Coach Paul Wagner

Paul Wagner

Paul has had the baseball career every young player dreams about — and he’s eager to pass his experience on to fresh up-and-comers in his own backyard. 

In his career as an MLB pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers, Pittsburgh Pirates and Cleveland Indians, Paul never committed an error, and nearly threw a no-hitter against the Colorado Rockies in 1995 before a single hit with two outs in the ninth inning. 

And if you don’t know him from his time in the MLB, you’ve probably heard him on 97.3 The Game

He now trains some of the game’s brightest young talent, with a scientific eye for helping players refine the subtleties of their skill. He’s not only going to bring the winning energy, he wants to get every hopeful on the team signed so Lake Country can follow them through the Big Leagues. 

“These are the players right on the cusp, so sometimes just a small tweak can help them get to the big leagues,” Paul said. “I can relate to them to help them get there, because I’ve been where they are, and where they want to go.”  

While his baseball career has taken him all over, he says no place feels like home like here in Wisconsin.

“Lake Country deserves this,” he said.