Carson Maxwell’s swing – one crafted delicately with an MLB star.

Carson Maxwell playing catch in the outfield at WBC Park

Written By: Noah Douglas

Baseball is full of unique approaches. From wacky pitcher wind-ups to awkward batting stances, every player has a comfort in their technique; and Lake Country DockHounds outfielder Carson Maxwell is no different. 

Maxwell grew up lurking in the weeds. Often overshadowed by teammates and neglected by coaches, the chip on his shoulder grew. 

Carson Maxwell stepping on the yellow brick road“I wanted to prove I belonged,” Maxwell said. “The dream is to play in the majors, and I can’t wait to show everyone who doubted me.” 

Playing for Lamar High School in Houston, Texas, Maxwell strove for greatness. Craving excellence, Maxwell became a key piece for the Texans’ success, so much so that he began receiving college interest – just not to the extent he desired. 

“I received only a few junior college offers,” Maxwell said. “Meanwhile guys on my team, that I believe I was better than, were getting offers to Division I schools.” 

However, Maxwell wouldn’t waste an opportunity to play ball. He attended Galveston College, a Texas JUCO where he impressed. In his freshman campaign, Maxwell slashed a .317 average on 64 hits while driving in 42 runs. A season later, his stats jumped to an incredible level. 

His sophomore season saw him slug a resounding .443 average with 57 RBIs and six home runs. Maxwell also led the country with 27 doubles. Those efforts propelled him to NJCAA Second Team All-American recognition. The reason? An accidental encounter with former MLB Star, Lance Berkman – at a car wash. 

“My dad noticed him and wasn’t afraid to talk,” Maxwell said, reminiscing on his father’s experience. “He told him, ‘I have a son that’s in college wanting to make it to the show, is there  a chance you can give him a lesson?’ and a week later I was hitting in front of Lance Berkman.”

For a Texas native, Lance Berkman’s name holds strong influence. Playing for the Texas Rangers and Houston Astros, Berkman collected 1,905 MLB hits including 366 home runs. For this hitting session, Maxwell only listened. 

“I had that moment of realization that I was with Lance Berkman when he was putting a ball on a tee, for me,” Maxwell said. “I was a sponge in that moment.” 

I never would have thought that would ever happen, but it did, all because of my dad.” 

From that hitting session, Maxwell still applies three techniques. The first technique involved tee work, proving that professional hitters still utilize batting tees. The second emphasized the importance of staying athletic after “striding and separating.” And finally, perhaps the most unique bit of hitting instruction Maxwell has ever heard. 

Carson Maxwell sits in the dugout with Colt the Bat Dog“He told me to imagine a shelf of fine china sitting on my shoulders,” Maxwell said. “If I tilt my shoulders through my swing, the china will fall and that would be really expensive. But if I keep my shoulders level through the swing, it will keep me from pulling off the baseball. And let me say, the first time I swung keeping my shoulders level, I had never felt a purer swing before.”

After soaking up as much information from the hitting guru, Maxwell’s results spoke for themselves. He later transferred to McNeese State where he continued to develop. Maxwell won a collegiate gold glove in 2019 before being drafted by the Arizona Diamondbacks the same year. 

Now, Maxwell is slugging for the DockHounds. After signing mid-season, the right-hander has slashed his way to a .267 average with a .405 on-base percentage. With Maxwell’s new hitting philosophy paired with his relaxed mentality, his approach has become a valuable one within the DockHounds lineup.

“It’s all about enjoying the moment and being ready to hit,” Maxwell said. 


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