Josh Altmann, The Humble Veteran The DockHounds Need

Written By: Noah Douglas

Josh Altmann’s journey is a testament to resilience and leadership, both on and off the field. Transitioning from a key player in the Chicago Dogs’ 2023 lineup to a guiding force for the Lake Country DockHounds, he embodies a unique blend of skill and maturity.


Despite his stature as a seasoned professional, Altmann eschews the spotlight, preferring to lead by example rather than through vocal assertion. With a steady .300 average, he epitomizes silent strength, trading exuberant celebrations for a quiet, poised demeanor that defines his leadership style.


“I want guys to look at me as somebody who, when I come to the ballpark every day, you never know what mood I’m in,” Altmann said. “I’m always the same person every single day when I come here. I put my work in. I prepare my body and my mind to go out there and play every single day.”


Beyond his on-field prowess, Altmann’s impact extends far wider. Emphasizing his roles as a husband, son, brother, mentor, and friend, he sees himself as more than just a baseball player. His purpose is greater than baseball.


“I’m supposed to be a fisher of men, I’m supposed to be an example,” Altmann said. “I think the more people that I can interact with, the more people I can positively affect, and that’s my calling.”


As Altmann strives for maturity off the field, he pursues excellence on it. Having been a cornerstone for the Chicago Dogs’ franchise, he seamlessly transitioned into the same role for Lake Country.


In his inaugural DockHound season, he was recognized as the lone Lake Country all-star starter – and for good reason. Altmann has exemplified consistency by appearing in every game for the DockHounds while also producing at a high level. Leading the team in runs scored (37) and stolen bases (20), Altmann has also maintained a .295 average with 11 home runs and 44 RBIs.


The key to Altmann’s ability to perform at this level stems from the advice of mentors throughout his career.


“An overarching theme that I’ve received from many people in my career is to be present with where your feet are,” he said. “I think a lot of times we can get caught up in wanting to be somewhere else. But, you’re in the situation for a reason, so stay present in those moments.”


Altmann first applied that mindset during the coronavirus pandemic.


Drafted by the Texas Rangers and having reached Double-A, the pandemic tested his resilience. Altmann was released and faced uncertainty about his future in baseball.


“It’s easy to hit the panic button when you find yourself wondering what that next step is,” Altmann said. “I didn’t know what baseball was going to look like for me after that, but I was very fortunate to find another opportunity where many others didn’t.”


That opportunity came in the form of independent leagues. Altmann joined the Constellation Energy League, a branch of the Atlantic League in Sugar Land, Texas.


“It opened my eyes to what independent baseball is, and it allowed me to see the fun in the game again,” Altmann said. “There isn’t a lot of pressure to perform, and it allowed me to play freely. I think that’s why I still enjoy the game as much as I do, because of the new perspective I’ve gained, and that’s truly a blessing.”


Now in his fifth season of independent ball, Altmann remains grounded in the present, appreciative of the platform he has to make a difference.


“I am very fortunate to say that I get to play baseball every day and have a platform where people come to watch us play,” Altmann said. “I hope that kids or families in the stands look out there and say, ‘You know, that’s who I aspire to be,’ and I think that’s really cool.


“But like I said, my identity and faith go beyond who I am as a baseball player, and that is a lot more important.”


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